Protect Yunnan Yuanyang Terrace by Digital Management

Most foreign learners know the beauty of Yuanyang Terrace when they come to learn Chinese in China, especially those in Yunnan. However, during the process of enjoying the beauty of Yuanyang Terrace, many people do not realize that the protection of the terrace has encountered great difficulty. It must be a great pity if this beautiful scenery disappears.

The reason of the difficult protection is simple. In traditional farming, great labor intensity is needed but has a low income. Therefore, most young people are not willing to do farming work at home and go out for earning money. As a result, some parts of the terrace go out of cultivation. Some people who study in China think the beauty of Yuanyang Terrace will no longer exist if there is no protection.

According to the Propaganda Department of Honghe Prefecture, the only approach to solve this problem is to improve the value of the agricultural products planted on the terrace. Some people who study Chinese in Yunnan may be told that only when the farmers think it can gain much income can they insist in farming so that to protect it.

Under this condition, Honghe Prefecture cooperates with the scientific and technical corporation to start the protecting program by the way of digital management. Some students may have heard about it during the process when they learn Mandarin in Kunming. In this system, the farmers cooperate with each other to do farming and the managers manage the terrace through the Internet.

By combining the reality with the virtual world, people can give orders of growing seedlings, transplanting, fertilizing, farming and weeding according to the practical conditions. Then, the farmers will do the farming work accordingly. Students who study in Mandarin learning courses can see that the application of the Internet technology will greatly increase the value of Yuanyang Terrace and solve the problem of protecting it.

At present, the price for renting the terrace to manage on the Internet is not confirmed. After great effort, this system has been developed and will be put into use. Nowadays, the cooperation is dealing with some coordinating work with the farmers. When you go to school to learn Mandarin, you may know that this kind of method will relieve the pressure of the renters, and at the same time, the farmers can get profits.

In brief, the beauty of Yuanyang Terrace needs to be protected urgently. The application of the Internet technology is helpful to protect the terrace and bring benefits to the local farmers.

Kayla Liu is the academic advisor at Keats School and has been teaching Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture for 5 years. Keats Chinese Language School offers Chinese learning programs and courses to learn and study Mandarin Chinese language in China. If you want to study in China, Keats School is for you.

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